Confronting the Marxist campaign of subversion

The introduction of the $8 million Government-sponsored program Safe Schools’ that endorses students cross-dressing and other radical sexual concepts shows just how far the Marxist campaign to totally subvert Australian society has come. Let’s not be under any illusion. Whether you want call it Marxist-Leninist, Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, the Frankfurt School, Political Correctness, Marxist theory is the foundation of the campaign to turn traditional Australian society on its head. The Safe Schools program is a massive open assault in the campaign and targets society’s most tender and vulnerable: children. The Andrews Government in Victoria, rushing at the head of the program of subversion, has won for itself the title as Australia’s first Marxist government, a government propped up by the iron fist of Marxist unionists. If one listens to the Andrews rhetoric one can hear echoes of Mexico in the 1920s and Spain 1930s when the Marxists began murdering Catholic clergy, the first target of all Marxist campaigns. When one observes one institution after another caving in (the feminizing and homosexualizing of the Liberal Party is well advanced under Malcolm Turnbull and his treacherous acolytes), one must think it would take a foolishly brave cleric to ride out onto a battlefield littered with the fallen amid the white flags of surrender. Yet there is such an unwise cleric. Below is a letter addressed to the members of a Catholic parish in Melbourne. Its author had no intention of addressing a public audience. But his fierce uncompromising stand and utter disregard of the consequences of standing up to forces that want to crush him without mercy make it an example for all those hanging back. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author. Continue reading

UTS’s Watergate – will it go before the courts?

Activist charged over Frances Abbott record hacking, but how serious will ‘they’ consider it?

Report by CHRISTIAN KERR, The Australian

FREYA Newman, the student charged over the computer hacking that led to records of the $60,000 scholarship granted to the Prime Minister’s daughter being leaked to online magazine New Matilda, is part of a new wave of activists who have seized control of the University of Technology, Sydney, student association.

Ms Newman is the association’s women’s officer.

The co-author of the New Matilda article, veteran activist-­journalist Wendy Bacon, has a long association with the university. Although formally retired, Ms Bacon remains involved with its Centre for Independent Journalism as a professorial fellow.

Ms Newman, who is a third-year communications student, touched on a range of hot-button issues in her campaign material for election as women’s officer.

The 20-year-old promised “cross-collective action”, calling for on-campus action on asylum-seekers and action to build links with outside groups, greater ­engagement with Aboriginal and anti-racism groups and the ­creation of “gender and sexuality-based discussion groups and/or events’’.

Ms Newman also boasted about her role in preventing an anti-abortion group affiliating with the UTS union.

She lists her research interests on the website as indigenous or Aboriginal studies, settler colonialism and its ­legacies, sovereignty, colonialism, indigenous studies, imperialism and empire. Ms Newman also adds postcolonial feminism, critical race theory, transnational feminism, critical disability studies, feminist disability and gender studies to this list.

She was working as a part-time night librarian at the Whitehouse Institute when computer files were allegedly accessed. The institute has handed over CCTV footage and email evidence.

Ms Newman has been charged with one count of accessing restricted data held in a computer.

Women against feminism

Women against feminismIt quickly became clear in 1970s that feminism was a Marxist-Leninist political movement that aimed to destroy the natural relationship between men and women. That was, of course, in line with the general objective of the Marxist-Leninist, that is, the destruction of traditional European society, particularly its moral norms.

Looking back from 2014, one cannot deny that feminism has booked an overwhelming success. Its hierarchy of furious frightbats won’t rest, though. There remains much to be done for a complete destruction of the relationship between men and women. Indeed, that whole concept of ‘men and women’ – the words themselves – must be outlawed. What, then, must the frightbats of feminism think of the treacherous movement of young women who have formed a group called WOMEN AGAINST FEMINISM – and want the traditional partnership between women as women and men as (masculine) men? Have a look at what they’re saying HERE – and be surprised.


spoofing women against feminismThere was, as expected, little delay in the sisterhood response. This is how one representative frightbat responded – HERE. Notice how her satire depicts her opponents as dumb and ignorant bimbos – in just the way feminists accuse men of doing. Only a man could never generate that sort of spite – a women on women spite.