Ireland – a famous political victory and a devastating cultural defeat

By voting in a landslide to change the definition of marriage, Ireland has shown on the great feast of Pentecost that it has flipped over into its pagan past. The cultural signs and symbols might still be there, but it’s superficial. Ireland can no longer be considered a Catholic nation. Indeed, it would be struggling to call itself Christian.

The most important part of Irish culture, its Catholic religion, has been spurned. The religion the Irish desperately clung to for centuries under a heartless persecution that reduced two-thirds of the Irish population to a little more than miserable degraded serfs in their own country has been spurned. Continue reading

The Left can take a break – 2GB is doing the job for them

The ABC and the Fairfax Group are so shamelessly prejudiced in their reporting that it is embarrassing even to the conservative observer. The conservative prides himself on staying connected with the concrete multifarious circumstances of political issues and applying prudential judgement to their solution. So the sort of embarrassment we feel at people with their heads constantly in an ideological delirium mindlessly regurgitating the overdone rhetoric is the sort that we feel listening to someone singing horribly out of tune before a cringing audience.

Of course, any embarrassment the conservative expresses is of no account to the narrow-minded bigoted left. They keep at it, no matter what, doing and saying anything that is going to damage the people they judge out of line with their ideological dogma. Foremost among those out of line, their worst ideological nightmare, is Tony Abbott. They cannot bring to themselves ever to say anything good about him. No matter what the prime minister does, there will always be a way to cast it in a manner that will deliver the maximum damage to the man for whom they have an obsessive pathological hatred. It is the way of the mind infected with Marxism – whether of the Leninist, Frankfurt School or of the Gramsci sort. Tony Abbott is the objectification of all that the Marxist wants removed from society. There can be no compromise. He must be eliminated and the manner of assassination does not matter. Continue reading

UTS’s Watergate – will it go before the courts?

Activist charged over Frances Abbott record hacking, but how serious will ‘they’ consider it?

Report by CHRISTIAN KERR, The Australian

FREYA Newman, the student charged over the computer hacking that led to records of the $60,000 scholarship granted to the Prime Minister’s daughter being leaked to online magazine New Matilda, is part of a new wave of activists who have seized control of the University of Technology, Sydney, student association.

Ms Newman is the association’s women’s officer.

The co-author of the New Matilda article, veteran activist-­journalist Wendy Bacon, has a long association with the university. Although formally retired, Ms Bacon remains involved with its Centre for Independent Journalism as a professorial fellow.

Ms Newman, who is a third-year communications student, touched on a range of hot-button issues in her campaign material for election as women’s officer.

The 20-year-old promised “cross-collective action”, calling for on-campus action on asylum-seekers and action to build links with outside groups, greater ­engagement with Aboriginal and anti-racism groups and the ­creation of “gender and sexuality-based discussion groups and/or events’’.

Ms Newman also boasted about her role in preventing an anti-abortion group affiliating with the UTS union.

She lists her research interests on the website as indigenous or Aboriginal studies, settler colonialism and its ­legacies, sovereignty, colonialism, indigenous studies, imperialism and empire. Ms Newman also adds postcolonial feminism, critical race theory, transnational feminism, critical disability studies, feminist disability and gender studies to this list.

She was working as a part-time night librarian at the Whitehouse Institute when computer files were allegedly accessed. The institute has handed over CCTV footage and email evidence.

Ms Newman has been charged with one count of accessing restricted data held in a computer.