Confronting the Marxist campaign of subversion

The introduction of the $8 million Government-sponsored program Safe Schools’ that endorses students cross-dressing and other radical sexual concepts shows just how far the Marxist campaign to totally subvert Australian society has come. Let’s not be under any illusion. Whether you want call it Marxist-Leninist, Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, the Frankfurt School, Political Correctness, Marxist theory is the foundation of the campaign to turn traditional Australian society on its head. The Safe Schools program is a massive open assault in the campaign and targets society’s most tender and vulnerable: children. The Andrews Government in Victoria, rushing at the head of the program of subversion, has won for itself the title as Australia’s first Marxist government, a government propped up by the iron fist of Marxist unionists. If one listens to the Andrews rhetoric one can hear echoes of Mexico in the 1920s and Spain 1930s when the Marxists began murdering Catholic clergy, the first target of all Marxist campaigns. When one observes one institution after another caving in (the feminizing and homosexualizing of the Liberal Party is well advanced under Malcolm Turnbull and his treacherous acolytes), one must think it would take a foolishly brave cleric to ride out onto a battlefield littered with the fallen amid the white flags of surrender. Yet there is such an unwise cleric. Below is a letter addressed to the members of a Catholic parish in Melbourne. Its author had no intention of addressing a public audience. But his fierce uncompromising stand and utter disregard of the consequences of standing up to forces that want to crush him without mercy make it an example for all those hanging back. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author.

From the Parish Priest’s desk.

The Personal Parish for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Archdiocese of Melbourne
Quaerite Primum Regnum Dei
St Aloysius’ Church
233 Balaclava Rd
Caulfield North 3161

Dear Friends in Christ,

Gender ideology, about which Bishop Athanasius Schneider warned us during his 2015 visit to Australia, continues its brutal march through many institutions. This Wednesday past, the Australian carried a disturbing front page article (Activists push taxpayer-funded gay manual in schools) on the so-called Safe Schools Coalition teaching manual, which is a thinly disguised instrument for the corruption of youth. The current Neo-Marxist Victorian State government has decreed that this depraved and insidious programme will be compulsory in State schools by 2018.

One wonders how long the private sector, including Catholic schools, will be permitted exemptions from this sort of thing. But in any case, we have reason to be concerned right now about whether Catholic teaching on sexuality is affirmed, explained and defended in our Catholic schools. As many of you would be aware, a recent article in the Age claimed Ecclesiastical support for a senior student at a Catholic school being allowed to attend a school formal with a “partner” of the same sex.

Many have waited – so far, in vain – for a disclaimer, or an explanation of some sort. Thus far, none has been forthcoming. If the Age article is substantially correct, what it chronicles is a complete capitulation in practice, to gender ideology. Contrary to what is claimed, the Catholic Church does not and cannot “accept all relationships”.  A significant number of senior high school students are sexually experienced. To deny this is either disingenuous, or naïve in the extreme. Therefore, to permit a same sex “date” at a school function is to give a clear message to students, parents and teachers that aberro-sexual behaviour is condoned. I have it on good authority that the modernist “Catholic” education establishment throughout Australia is delighted.

Now, by way of contrast, the Archdiocese of Melbourne has weighed in on the issue of refugees and mandatory detention, in a manner both critical and prescriptive:

I do not say the Church should never speak on these issues, but the difficulty in this matter is that the facts are complex and sometimes contested, so that the application of moral norms might lead to a plurality of morally defensible positions. As a generalisation, however, modern Churchmen are all too eager to make moral pronouncements in questionable matters, when these echo secular Leftist positions; in unpopular matters, and where the demands of Catholic morality are clear, we often find, by way of contrast, a deafening silence.

Regrettably, we see a similar pattern in the policies of the present Pope, in great contrast to those of Popes St John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Once again, the best example of this relates to gender ideology. Only two weeks ago, a great Family Day was held in Rome, to protest against the imminent implementation in Italy by proposed legislation of various aspects of gender ideology, especially in relation to the promotion of homosexual pseudo-marriage, and the introduction of aberrosexual propaganda in schools. This protest was open to all – not only Catholics – but it particularly enjoyed the open and full support of Cardinal Bagnasco, and some other Italian prelates. The protest was an enormous success, drawing some two million people to the Circus Maximus for the day.

An audience that Cardinal Bagnasco was to have with Pope Francis just before the Family Day was mysteriously cancelled, and from Pope Francis himself, and the entire apparatus of the Holy See – before, during and after such an extraordinary manifestation of support for marriage and the family – there was nothing but stony silence….

As the Italian journalist Antonio Socci remarked: “It is embarrassing that such a loquacious Pope, who speaks to everyone, is obstinately silent on an issue that his predecessors defined as crucial; an issue that has Parliament fired up and stirs the Catholic populace so much.” Indeed. We have been instructed that as Pastors we must know the “smell of the sheep” (as if we did not know this before March, 2013). But it seems that the smell of two million of the sheep in the Circus Maximus could not penetrate the halls of the Domus Sanctae Marthae. Perhaps Msgr Ricca’s perfume is too overpowering?

Faced with such appalling silence before the gravest moral crises of our day, would we ourselves not fail in our duty if we, out of fear, failed to raise our own voice? Surely if we do not speak, the very stones themselves would cry out!

The dictatorship of relativism against which the then Cardinal Ratzinger warned us just before his own election as Benedict XVI, is imposing itself upon us on every side. Resolute and open resistance is essential now, if we are to have a chance of saving what remains of Catholic civilization, and of counteracting a creeping persecution of the Church and of those who remain faithful to Christ.

As Archbishop Luigi Negri stated a few months ago: “The Church will never only say POSSUMUS, just as She could never only be able to say NON POSSUMUS.  She must make in Her missionary responsibility, the encounter between Christ and the hearts of people possible, She must know how to find the right rhythm for the openings and closures, for the intellectual and moral acceptance [of the true good], and the rejection of all that the right hand of God contradicts.  Because by acting against the rights of God, it creates the preconditions for a decline, for a dehumanization of human and social life.  “Therefore, woe to us brothers, if we therefore replace the binomial POSSUMUS – NON POSSUMUS by a unilateral POSSUMUS that delivers Christendom to the prevailing mentality that makes the goal even of our lives, that which is sought by the world in its negative and diabolical objectives: the elimination of Christ and the Church. We cannot accept the all too many events, initiatives and experiments that are strongly marked by this ‘well-intentioned’ Catholic world, which desires only to please the world and to gain its support or applause.”

Pope Francis’s published prayer intention for February (which, strangely, mentions neither prayer nor God) speaks of our common home planet earth, and of the need to fight environmental degradation. Whatever the merits of this, what about the protection of our common home of Catholic civilisation – and even of non-Christian civilisations insofar as they are founded on the natural moral law – from the terrible degradation of moral pollution, that is the product of gender ideology and aberrosexual practices?

Pope Francis’s post-Synodal exhortation is expected to be published soon.

May we hear from the Pope, and from every level of the teaching Church, the unequivocal affirmation of the entire moral order, both natural and supernatural, as it is made known to us by reason and Faith.

Devotedly in Christ,

Fr Glen Tattersall

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