Report: First Meeting of Edmund Burke’s Club (Australia) Inc.

The foundational meeting for the Edmund Burke’s Club (Australia) Inc took place on the 24th of August 2012. There were nine people present on this momentous occasion, a pleasing number given that we had done very little promotion of the Club beforehand. Quite a few emailed their apologies, saying they will be sure to attend the next meeting in November 2012. The interest and eagerness of those present was keen. Gerard Wilson gave an introductory talk on the mode of Burke’s political reason and its application to contemporary events. The talk was followed by questions and answers, and a discussion about Edmund Burke’s life and political career. Of particular interest was the ‘Catholic connection’ and how that influenced Burke’s political activity. Gerard Wilson will give the second part of his introductory talk on Burke’s political reason at the next meeting in November. The full agenda for the next meeting will be advised in due course.

Membership forms were filled in and members then elected its office bearers:


PRESIDENT: Gerard Wilson


TREASURER: Bernard Negline

SECRETARY: Richard Lyons

ORDINARY MEMBERS: Dawn and Robert Shaw