Report EBC Annual General Meeting 10 October 2014

There was a smaller number than usual for the 2014 Annual General Meeting of Edmund Burke’s Club (Australia) Inc. Some members for different reasons could not attend. But the meeting was no less enthusiastic and cheerful for the smaller number, as was the supper afterwards at the RACV bistro (see photos under ‘Gallery’ tab).

The President gave an account of the past year’s activities noting with satisfaction that the enthusiasm and commitment of members had not slackened. Overall there was much interest shown for Edmund Burke’s Club via the website and our Facebook page. The president noted the number of Spanish language names ‘liking’ the Facebook page. Our thanks for the interest from Spanish visitors whether from Spanish speaking countries or those in north America with a Spanish heritage. We are also delighted to see the high number of visits to the website from the US.

A major development for this year was the setting up of a Sydney chapter of EBC. Our thanks to Chris Rath who has organised the chapter. In Brisbane Will Church is in the act of setting up a Brisbane chapter. Our thanks to Will for his efforts. We look forward to Edmund Burke’s Club expanding further during the coming year, our third.

The major topic for discussion was the proposal put forward by Richard Lyons to organise a conference on Edmund Burke. The proposal arose out of a generous offer by Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon to address EBC members at their first meeting for 2015, which was scheduled for 27 February. His offer followed from our posting of his essay ‘Burke’s Conservative Catholicism’ on the website. Professor Sheldon is the John Morton Beaty Professor of Political and Social Sciences, University of Virginia College at Wise, author of ten books on political theory and political theology.

After much discussion members decided to go ahead with the organization of an all day conference devoted to the thought of Edmund Burke. The date was set for Saturday 28th February 2015. Professor Sheldon has agreed to give the keynote address. We have formed a management committee for the conference. Further details will be announced in the coming period on the EBC website, Facebook and through our mailing list. Those who would like to be on our mailing please email:

Treasurer Patrick Doyle then gave a report on the financial year 2013/2014. This report is mandated by the Department of Consumer Affairs Victoria and is part of the Annual Statement that must be submitted in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. The figures were checked as required. Members may view the report on request.

With business of the AGM completed the president, Gerard Wilson, stepped down and declared all positions vacant. The following were elected to the 2015 Management Committee:

President: Gerard Wilson

Vice-President: Chris Rath

Secretary: Richard Lyons

Treasurer: Patrick Doyle

Ordinary Members: Lucas McLennan and Peter Janssen

Gerard Wilson then gave his second talk on Edmund Burke’s philosophy of natural rights (2). The talk will appear shortly on the EBC website.