The cream of Labor’s rabble turns up to honour their hero

It was meant to be a gala event with the cream, the giants, the grand worthies of the Labor Party assembling to honour their saint and hero Gough Whitlam. But the cream, the giants and the grand worthies turned out to be your grossest, most vulgar rabble. When conservative Prime Minister Abbott arrived at Sydney’s Town Hall to pay respects despite being on the other side of the political field, the Labor rabble booed long and hard. Just as they unloose their foul mouths whenever they come across anyone that does not meekly fall in with their malignant policies.

‘The governments now in office are the heirs of the May ’68 generation, which is now at the apex of its political and cultural power’
Benigno Blanco, president of the Foro Español de la Familia in an interview with the Observatory of Cardinal Van Thuan