The meaning of ‘holocaust’ – another opportunity for the leftist media

The Macquarie (Australian) Dictionary meaning of the word ‘holocaust’:

holocaust/ˈhɒləkɒst/ (say ‘holuhkost), /-kɔst/ (say -kawst)

noun 1.  great or wholesale destruction of life, especially by fire.

2.  an offering devoted wholly to burning; a burnt offering.

[Late Latin holocaustum, from Greek holokauston a burnt offering, properly neuter of holokaustos burnt whole]
holocaustic /hɒləˈkɒstɪk/ (say holuh’kostik), adjective

The word frequently appears in the Bible referring to burnt offerings. After the Second World the word was used to describe the attempted genocide of Jews. It is a word that has powerful literary use as an image to convey terrible and purposeful destruction. See HERE

The leftist media’s confected outrage over Prime Minister Abbott’s use of the word ‘holocaust’ as an image should once more convey to Menzies’ people how vicious and unconscionable the left are in their attempt to destroy the prime minister. There is no tactic, no lie that is too great or too low for them to employ in their unrelenting political campaign. Menzies’ people should be well aware of who their enemy is. Andrew Bolt shows how transparent the leftist media’s tactic is: Abbott hanged for what the gallery forgave Keating and Bob Brown.