Ireland – a famous political victory and a devastating cultural defeat

By voting in a landslide to change the definition of marriage, Ireland has shown on the great feast of Pentecost that it has flipped over into its pagan past. The cultural signs and symbols might still be there, but it’s superficial. Ireland can no longer be considered a Catholic nation. Indeed, it would be struggling to call itself Christian.

The most important part of Irish culture, its Catholic religion, has been spurned. The religion the Irish desperately clung to for centuries under a heartless persecution that reduced two-thirds of the Irish population to a little more than miserable degraded serfs in their own country has been spurned.

A glorious Marxist Pentecost has darkened the Irish mind and instead of the British heel they have chosen the Marxist boot to trample their heritage into the bog they thought they had risen above. For, indeed, the political victory is a Marxist victory – an outstanding Marxist victory. Gramsci can rest proud and easy in his grave.

There is no mind with more ingenuity than the Marxist mind in generating a political slogan – one that encompasses the recasting of a particular social issue, raises the class conflict, and relentlessly thrashes the opposition, depicting opponents as cruel, hate-filled class-oppressors. There has hardly been a more potent verbal weapon than ‘marriage equality’. Hearty congratulations are due to the Marxist agents tirelessly undermining Western society.

The slogan has the complexity of a third grade primary school lesson. From time out of mind ‘marriage’ has referred to the union of male and female. Exclusively. In Western society, each person has the right to enter freely into the marriage state, as long as the laws that apply to everyone are obeyed. Homosexuals are free to marry, but they choose not to. There is no issue of equality or inequality. It’s a matter of choice.

Moreover, there are no longer laws that discriminate against homosexuals. Indeed, it’s the opposite. They are a privileged class. Not only are homosexuals free to embrace their unions, there are now laws that may reward even the hint of ‘homophobia’ with social exclusion, career destruction, and bankrupting legal fees. No individual in Western society has greater legal protection than the person who declares himself ‘gay’. The idea of class oppression of homosexuals is a nonsense – at least for the person who has a escaped the Marxist delirium.

The slogan ‘marriage equality’ is nothing more than a political campaign to change the meaning of the word marriage. That’s what the Irish have been conned into voting for. In a pure political act, they have voted to change the definition of marriage – something that in reality cannot be changed. They have also voted to accept social and political presuppositions – there is no greater dissolver of culture than Marxism – that will lay waste their culture. The frightful empirical evidence of the 20th century is there to turn a blind eye to.

For the person who considers himself a Burkean conservative, the issue could not be clearer. Marriage as a prescriptive custom means the rejection of marriage definition change. Marriage as an age-old prescriptive institution means the rejection of ‘marriage equality’.  Marriage as prescribed by religion considered as a part of a nation’s culture means the rejection of marriage definition change. Changing the definition of marriage amounts to a transgression of the natural moral law and so must be rejected by the Burkean conservative.

You cannot be a conservative in the Burkean sense and accept changing the definition of marriage. The two things are mutually exclusive.

Gerard Wilson

UPDATE from Life Site
OXFORD, May 28, 2015 ( — Cardinal Raymond Burke lamented how formerly Catholic Ireland has gone further than the pagans in the pre-Christian days of old and “defied God” by calling homosexual behavior “marriage” in the referendum last week.

“I mean, this is a defiance of God. It’s just incredible. Pagans may have tolerated homosexual behaviours, they never dared to say this was marriage,” he told the Newman Society, Oxford University’s Catholic organization, in an address Wednesday about the intellectual heritage of Pope Benedict XVI. The Tablet, Britain’s liberal Catholic newspaper, reported his remarks.

On Friday, 1.2 million Irish people voted to amend the country’s constitution to say: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.” A little over 734,000 people voted against the proposal.

Burke said that he could not understand “any nation redefining marriage.”

The cardinal also emphasized the important role that parents play in protecting their children in a culture increasingly hostile to God’s laws. “The culture is thoroughly corrupted, if I may say so, and the children are being exposed to this, especially through the internet,” he said. One practical piece of advice that he offered families was to put computers in public areas to prevent children from “imbib[ing] this poison that’s out there.”

During the same Oxford visit, but during a homily at a Mass the day before, Burke called marriage between a man and woman a “fundamental truth” that has been “ignored, defied, and violated.”

Burke warned during the homily of the dangers of “various ideological currents” and of “human deception and trickery which strives to lead us into error.”

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