The Marxist Greens in action

The Daily Telegraph provides a full pictorial report on the meeting of the new Inner West Council on Tuesday 24 May 2016. The meeting turned into violence ‘whipped up by Greens and Labor politicians’. The vision of the mob violence gives a representative view of the way the extreme left operates. Whenever you have such scenes you will find (often the same) members of the various far-left groups behind the chaos and violence. Foremost among the originators of political violence are the Greens.

NSW Greens MP Jamie ­Parker was at the front of the political agitation and you can be sure he had a contingent of supporters backing him up.  ‘The Greens MP for Newtown, Jenny Leong, cheered the chaos, posting on Facebook: “Amazing effort — the campaign for local democracy and to stop Westconnex will continue.”’ An example of Newspeak: silencing opponents equals democracy.

Another protestor, Dulwich Hill resident James McCallum, if not of the Greens, certainly of the same political propensities, made an exhibition of himself by slapping the papers out of the hands of the Council Administrator Richard Pearson as he was leaving the meeting. When the administrator picked up the papers, McCallum, to confirm what a gutless creep he was, again slapped the papers out of Pearson’s hands.

James McCallum


But the far-left star of the evening was Nicky Minus described as ‘extreme artist’ and former UTS student. Minus came close to Richard Pearson and spat directly in his face. The vision shows the action close up. A fair-size blob of spittle shot from Minus’s mouth and struck its target.

Nicky Minus

The Daily Telegraph report regales us with the following information about this delightful creature:

Ms Minus, who produced a UTS honours project called Shame: Self Portrait, has also made a comic called Jerks.

“I generally immerse myself in art that is more extreme, sexual, violent, or unsettling in some way, and this influences the work I make,” Ms Minus said in a recent interview.

“I spend a lot of brain time obsessing over that work and questioning why I like it so much.”

One image she has produced, the title of which is too graphic to print, shows men and women in an orgy.

Ms Minus revealed her mucky comics led some to call her the “queen of seed” and that a printer once refused to print her work because it was too obscene. She appeared to have ­deleted her social media accounts last night and did not respond to a request for ­comment.

Richard Pearson was appointed administrator of the new Inner West Council. He was at the meeting to do his job. He had nothing to do with the political decisions of the Baird Government. It is a further indication of the indiscriminate mentality of the Greens and allied far-left groups that they make no distinction between an ordinary person doing his job and the political parties responsible for political decisions. It’s a totalitarian mentality that brooks no dissent – and does not hesitate to subdue with violence if it is perceived warranted. How is it possible that there is a large group of Australians supporting the anti-democratic regressive Greens?

Greens and full communism

The history of Marxist regimes shows that communism is anything but fair.

Gerard Wilson