The Lifted Brow – or is it The Spitting Lips?

The Lifted Brow (also known as TLB and/or the Brow) is a not-for-profit literary organisation from Australia that publishes magazines and books for both Australian and global readership, as well as producing events, running prizes, and more. Its flagship publication is a quarterly print magazine/journal, also called The Lifted Brow, which is read all around the world.’ Wikipedia

On its website The Lifted Brow acknowledges the following assistance:

‘The Lifted Brow is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, and is also supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, the Melbourne UNESCO City of Literature Office, and Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.’

One of its cartoon contributors is Nicky Minus the delightful young woman who spat in the face of a public servant merely for carrying out work he had no direct control over. Miss Minus’s assault caused outrage in the general community. Not so at the leftist government-funded Lifted Brow. The principals of The Lifted Brow immediately rushed out their fulsome support for their colleague artist’s spitting episode as The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

‘But a magazine that has featured her cartoons, The Lifted Brow, defended her.
“Just so everybody is clear: we stand one-hundred-and-fifty-bajillion percent beside and behind Nicky Minus,” the magazine tweeted. “She’s on the right side, always.”
Its editor, Ellena Savage, tweeted: “nicky minus is a national treasure”.’

The Australia Council for the Arts supports and funds the counter-cultural, leftist Lifted Brow but has this month cancelled the annual grant to the conservative magazine Quadrant. It is yet another indication of how deep Marxists have penetrated Australia’s institutions.

The following government support is blazed across The Lifted Brow’s website: