Women against feminism

Women against feminismIt quickly became clear in 1970s that feminism was a Marxist-Leninist political movement that aimed to destroy the natural relationship between men and women. That was, of course, in line with the general objective of the Marxist-Leninist, that is, the destruction of traditional European society, particularly its moral norms.

Looking back from 2014, one cannot deny that feminism has booked an overwhelming success. Its hierarchy of furious frightbats won’t rest, though. There remains much to be done for a complete destruction of the relationship between men and women. Indeed, that whole concept of ‘men and women’ – the words themselves – must be outlawed. What, then, must the frightbats of feminism think of the treacherous movement of young women who have formed a group called WOMEN AGAINST FEMINISM – and want the traditional partnership between women as women and men as (masculine) men? Have a look at what they’re saying HERE – and be surprised.


spoofing women against feminismThere was, as expected, little delay in the sisterhood response. This is how one representative frightbat responded – HERE. Notice how her satire depicts her opponents as dumb and ignorant bimbos – in just the way feminists accuse men of doing. Only a man could never generate that sort of spite – a women on women spite.