Will Australia’s Red Guards get away with it again?

Most of the media reported the punch-up at Coburg as the clash between ‘anti-racist demonstrators’ and the ‘far right’. The vision below shows the usual masked rabble of Trotskyites, Maoists, Communists, Anarcho-Syndicalists and sundry left-wing crazies violently putting down people with an opposing view. It is this violent rabble the media give the anodine title of anti-racist demonstrators. With the help of a largely sympathetic media (Age, SMH, Guardian, ABC) the mad violent left have been getting away scot-free with their violence for sixty years – three generations. Most radicals come from a radical middle class background. Father-mother-son-daughter.

Mail Online’s report is typical. Although they refrain from the ‘far-right’ vs. ‘anti-racist’ tag, they feature the ‘fascists’ in their Australian flag attire, whereas the media vision of the riot began with a group of the masked far-left advancing on the ‘patriots’ with their well-known strategy – which they carried out.



Mob journalism and the merciless persecution of Cardinal Pell

Gerard Henderson’s most recent Media Watch Dog (No. 315, 13 May) had a well-deserved go at Radio 2GB’s Ben Fordham for picking up a Daily Mail story about Cardinal Pell and his lunch, and running with the pack. The sneering mocking headline of the Daily Mail piece by an Australian ‘journalist’ is:

Heart condition improving then, George?
Cardinal Pell pictured tucking into steak, chips and beer in a Roman piazza – weeks after claiming he was ‘too ill’ to come home to face child sex abuse royal commission.

The headline tells us which sector of our liberal-democratic society is the object of his incitement. Continue reading

Sexual harassment ? It depends on who is doing the harassment

Madonna concert

Madonna, that vulgar little pop star and tireless promoter of the western world’s state-approved bigotry, is touring Australia at the moment. She shows respect for her shameless fans by turning up late for just about every performance, on one occasion three hours late. This insulting and unprofessional behaviour seems not to bother most of them. They are evidently ready to forgive or overlook the crassest of behaviours.

At Thursday night’s Brisbane concert, Madonna invited a 17-year-old fan onto the stage. During the chat, Madonna without warning pulled down the 17-year-old’s top to expose a breast to the stadium full of roaring fans. She laughingly quipped:

“She’s the kind of girl you want to slap on the ass … oh shit, sorry!  Sexual harassment. You can do the same to me if you like.”

The 17-year-old did not take up the offer and later remarked in response to the suggestion that Madonna had humiliated her:

“Only I get to decide if I’m humiliated or not. Why would people assume I am humiliated by my own breast, nipple or body? It’s hilarious to me how much of a big deal it is to everyone.”

To the suggestion she could sue Madonna, she laughingly scoffed:

“Seriously, why would I sue Madonna for the best moment of my life?”

We all know, of course, that had it not been the grotesquely vulgar Madonna that had pulled down her top to expose a breast but another sort of person, it could have been the worst moment of her life. In that case, the public furore would scarcely be contained, and the moralising journalists of the Age would be crowding the front benches of the kangaroo court to ensure the destruction of the pitiless offender.

As it was, the Age, a foremost leader in the great revival of anti-Catholic sectarianism, only mentioned in passing that Madonna’s performance ‘caused a ruckus with religious groups.’ Groups? There’s only one ‘group’ that that vulgar bigot targets – to the delight of the Age scribblers.

The invincible ignorance of some journalists concerning George Pell


Nobody should miss Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog each Friday. An ongoing feature of Media Watch Dog is Gerard’s highlighting of the ABC’s anti-Catholic sectarianism. This favourite expression of the ABC’s poisonous prejudice against anything with the slightest whiff of conservatism is most manifest in their obsession with Cardinal George Pell who for the ABC is the religious equivalent of Tony Abbott. The ABC can take pride in its being at the head of the current revival of anti-Catholic sectarianism, a disease that came to Australia on the First Fleet and was ably promoted by the likes of the flogging parson Samuel Marsden and Presbyterian minister John Dunmore Lang. This is one Tradition the ABC has loyally kept up. The following is Gerard’s most recent exposition of the ABC’s primitive anti-religious bigotry.


The ABC was quite excited on the morning of retired Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s appearance before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – Tuesday 25 August 2015.

Fr Robinson is a long-time critic of Cardinal George Pell – both before and after Pell became the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. Some ABC producersdecided to preview Geoffrey Robinson’s appearance before the Royal Commission – focusing on what the retired bishop might say about Cardinal Pell.

On Radio National Breakfast, Fran (“I’m an activist”) Kelly interviewed Francis Sullivan from the Truth, Justice and Healing Council.  Mr Sullivan is a public critic of George Pell.  Needless to say, it was not long before the Cardinal was introduced into the discussion.  Let’s go to the transcript: Continue reading

Some leftist pairs

Bill Muehlenberg has posted a piece – The Media, the ABC, and Leftist Propaganda – on his website that expresses views that most conservative have long had about the Left and their control of the media. Among true and useful information is the following list of media/politics pairs which (he says) he has referenced from Larry Pickering’s website.

Perhaps Pickering can get out his investigative trowel and give us a list of the Left’s ever-changing relationships. For example, we know that Julia Gillard has teamed up with at least three men of the Left. It would be interesting to know what sort of standards the Left maintain in their ‘romantic’ relationships:

Greg Combet (Labor) partnered to Juanita Phillips (ABC).
Gai Brodtmann (Labor) married to Chris Uhlmann (ABC).
David Feeney (Labor) married to Liberty Sanger (guest commentator on ABC).
Barry Cassidy (ABC) former speech writer for Bob Hawke (Labor) from 1986-1991 married to Heather Ewart (ABC).
Maxine McKew (ABC) married to Bob Hogg (former ALP national secretary).
Virginia Trioli (ABC) married to Russell Skelton (The Age).
Mark Kenny (Fairfax) married to Virginia Haussegger (ABC).
Christine Wallace (ABC & Fairfax) married to Michael Costello (former Chief of Staff to Labor’s Kim Beazley).
Annabel Crabb (former Fairfax journalist now with the ABC).
Tony Jones (ABC) married to Sarah Ferguson (ABC). Coincidentally Jones took over the Lateline role from Maxine McKew (from ABC presenter to Labor politician).
David Penberthy (journalist) married to Kate Ellis (Labor).
Paul Kelly (former Fairfax journalist) formerly married to Ros Kelly (Labor).
Kerry O’Brien (ABC) former press secretary to Gough Whitlam.
Mark Colvin (ABC) married to Michelle McKenzie (Leichhardt deputy-mayor and Greens Councillor).
Denis Atkins (ABC Insiders regular) married to Melanie Christensen (ABC Canberra).
Paul Barry (ABC) married to Lisa McGregor (ABC).
The lamentable Mike Carlton (formerly Fairfax) and Morag Ramsay (ABC).
Andrew Fraser (Fairfax) and Catriona Jackson (formerly Fairfax and Labor press secretary).

Gerard Wilson

Crooks and corruption

Larry Pickering is evidently not afraid of being sued. His piece on Slater & Gordon makes interesting reading:

… crooks need the best crooked lawyers

Labor and corrupt unions’ favourite corrupt law firm, Slater & Gordon, is under an ongoing ASIC investigation concerning a, a’hem, “book-keeping error” totalling $90 million. Read on here.