Understanding Islam I

Fr Paul Stenhouse MSC PhD, an acknowledged expert on Islam and the Middle East, is currently presenting a five-part series on Islam in the ANNALS. The first part appeared in the March 2015 issue. With Fr Stenhouse’s kind permission the first part is reproduced here: Understanding Islam I

Prestigious academic award to keynote speaker at Edmund Burke Conference

Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon, keynote speaker at the coming Edmund Burke Conference, has received a prestigious academic award from the University of New Mexico. The citation is as follows:

The University of New Mexico Alumni Association announces the recipients of its prestigious James F. Zimmerman, Bernard S. Rodey, Erna S. Fergusson and Faculty Teaching Awards. They include: James F. Zimmerman Award – John Mateczun; Bernard S. Rodey Award – Garrett Sheldon; Erna S. Fergusson Award – Michelle Coons; and Faculty Teaching Award – Steven McLaughlin.

“This year’s awards recipients are making important contributions to our nation, state and university communities,” said Karen Abraham, Executive Director of the UNM Alumni Association. “They are a distinguished and diverse group of talented individuals.”

Bernard S. Rodey Award – Garrett Sheldon (’77 BA)
Garrett Ward Sheldon is The John Morton Beaty Professor of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Virginia College at Wise. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the UNM Honors Program in 1977 and earned a Ph.D. from Rutgers University. Sheldon has published 10 books in the fields of political theory and political theology, including “The Political Philosophy of Thomas Jeffersonand “Religion and Politics: Major Thinkers on the Relation of Church and State.” He has been a Visiting Scholar at Oxford University; the University of Vienna, Austria; and Trinity College, Dublin. Sheldon received the Outstanding Faculty in Virginia Award, the highest honor conferred on an academic by the Commonwealth. He is also an ordained Christian minister and author of the novel “What Would Jesus Do?”

For full details of the awards go HERE

Report: Sixth Meeting of Edmund Burke’s Club (Australia) Inc. 19 July 2013

The sixth meeting, not quite a year after the inauguration of the Club, took place again in the congenial surroundings of Melbourne’s Savage Club. Some of our regular members were not able to attend but their absence was made up for by four guests who were made welcome. The President dealt with same small business matters, which included updating the membership list, before beginning his presentation. Continue reading

Some Personal Details About Edmund Burke

The person who comes to the study of Edmund Burke’s thought faces an enormous volume of writing. Because Burke was not a philosopher in the systematic sense, one has to read a great deal to reach an understanding not only of the prominent argument with its many intricate connections, but also of the unmistakable metaphysical and epistemological presuppositions embedded in his writings. Similarly the student of Burke has to read widely in his works to appreciate his mastery of the English language and the potency of his oratory. This is to state what the true Burkean scholar has said many times. Continue reading

A New Book on Edmund Burke

In May, a new book on Edmund Burke appeared, Edmund Burke: Philosopher, Politician, Prophet. Its author is Jesse Norman who, according to an interview on the Kirk Center website, is ‘a Conservative MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire in the UK…a senior fellow at the UK think tank Policy Exchange and has taught philosophy at University College London and Birkbeck College.’

With the combination of academic and practising politician, Norman has a suitable background for authoring a book on Edmund Burke.

The book received a favourable pre-publication review in the UK’s Telegraph from well-known UK newspaper editor Charles Moore under the heading, ‘The first important conservative thinker.’ Continue reading

Report: Fourth Meeting of Edmund Burke’s Club (Australia) Inc. 12 April 2013

The fourth meeting of EBC took place again at the Melbourne Savage Club, Bank Place, Melbourne. The title of the President’s talk was ‘The Australian Conservative, Abortion, Same-Sex “Marriage” and the Exercise of Prudence’. The talk was an exploration of Edmund Burke’s ideas on the nature and the exercise of prudence in politics. It was an examination of Burke’s political reasoning and its application in a particular case. Although Tony Abbott’s alleged change of mind on the issues of abortion and IVF served as an introduction, the focus was on how any conservative politician in the Burkean mould would deal with such fundamental political issues as abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’. The talk brought to the fore an important distinction Burke made between ‘inveterate evil’ in the body politic and new policy under consideration. Continue reading

Report: Second Meeting of Edmund Burke’s Club (Australia) Inc. 16 November 2012

The second meeting of EBC took place at the Melbourne Savage Club, Bank Place, Melbourne. It turned out to be a marvellous venue with just the right atmosphere and historical background. Established in 1894 ‘the Club was based upon an appreciation of music, art, drama, science and literature.’ It has had a distinguished membership, including Sir Robert Menzies who was its president 1947-1962. We had a private meeting room with a young Robert Menzies looking down on us from a prominently placed portrait. Continue reading